Rafted Canoes

Rafted Canoes for team building  at Welton waters Adventure Centre

Rafted Canoes offer a safe introduction to water activites, when two Canadian Canoes are rafted together they become very stable so everyone can have fun on the water, racing and playing games. This presents fantastic team building oportunities for all ages and abilities. Racing is very exciting and brings together paddling as a team, deciding tactics and a certain amount of skulduggery on occasions! It is also a good, practical technique to know and use for when a group of canoes is caught up in challenging weather and want to protect themselves from the conditions. For the more more advanced paddler a skills session using single canoes or kayaks can present the chance to learn more about the basics and can open the pathway to develop skills further.

Rafted Canoes are extremely stable and are great fun, this is an excellent activity for younger children or Special Needs Groups.