Rafted Canoes for team building  at Welton waters Adventure Centre

Our lake provides the perfect environment for a safe introduction to canoeing. Paddling on shallow water, adventure seekers will get to grips with the correct use of the paddle and how to manoeuvre their canoe on the water. Our qualified British Canoeing Instructors organise games and activities in our Canadian Canoes.

Rafted canoes offer a safe introduction to water activities by constructing a raft from two large open canoes and purpose-built poles and straps. This reinforces basic canoeing skills, giving students the opportunity to try something different and build water confidence, team work skills and overcome fears all under the watchful eye of our professional trained staff.

Full safety gear is included as well as equipment specifically sized so adults and juniors can develop their skills as much as possible. Participants can kneel or sit in their open topped canoes with their paddle. Under the guidance of their instructor they will learn the fundamentals such as stopping, forward and backward paddling and stern rudder.