Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire Prices (All hire is for 1 hour unless otherwise stated)

Dinghy £10.00 (+ £5.00 per extra person)
Gig £25.00 (upto 4 people +£5.00 per extra person, max 8 people)
Windsurf Board / Single SUP / Single kayak / Single Scull £10.00
Double Kayak / Double SUP / Double Scull £15.00
Family SUP / Quad Scull £25.00 /(upto 4 people)
Rafted Canoe £30.00 (upto 6 People)
Pedalo £10.00 for ½hour
Wetsuit £2.50 per day
Buoyancy Aid 50p per day
Paddleboards, Kayaks, Sit-on-tops, Pedalos and Rafted Canoes can be hired (on a calm day) with no prior experience.
To hire Dinghies, Windsurf boards, Gigs and Sculls you must have certificates to prove current level and/or spend time with an instructor to prove competancy.
Equipment hire must be pre-booked