Raft Building

Raft building team challenges

Raft Building is great as a stand-alone event or in rotation with other activities. Each team is given a selection of materials; plastic barrels, poles and of course rope. Our instructors will be on hand to offer advice and help if needed. Once building is complete your team needs to work together to launch your craft. You’ll then have the opportunity to test out your raft……..who will make it over the finishing line? Once tested you’ll bring the raft back ashore and dismantle what’s left.

Raft Building is a great fun team-building activity.

To ensure safety whilst on the water the teams will be equipped with buoyancy aids, helmets and of course paddles to speed their progress around the course.

Island Eascape (Age 12 upwards)

Have you ever worried that you might end up washed up on a desert island somewhere?

We can offer this unique experience with raft building on our ‘island’. We will ferry you out to the island where you will find a limited amount of raft building equipment. It would be your task to create a raft and make it back to the safety of the mainland. The added issue of lunch staying on the mainland usually provides a good motivation.